Monday, November 30, 2009

Quilt Challenge Logo

We now have an official visual identity, thanks to Marlis Egger, who has designed this logo and a new header for the blog. (The header will be added as soon as I get a larger file from Marlis!)

Participants can find the logo to put on your personal blogs in the photo file on our yahoo group site!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wildly Waiting -- see examples!

While waiting for our challenge to start, I finally made it over to the original quilt challenge collaborative gallery and blog and, believe me, all our members need to take a look if they haven't already. This is a fabulous collection of quilts and a fabulous example of what we could accomplish. The group even has a publication deal with Lark for their collection of quilts!

Take a look here, and let me know what you think. And look, too, at how the blog is used as a place of collecting inspirations in process. The group actually has two sites, one the blog and one a gallery site. I's prefer to keep it simple as we start with one, but after we get going, I could set up a hosted gallery website with the final quilts.

Although we don't reveal the final work until the work is done, it's cool to see how their blog was used to post images of inspiration, materials, techniques and more. A great way to share the journey.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to Textile Abstractions

Textile Abstractions is the public gallery for the Textile Abstractions art quilt challenge group.

We are a tribe of 12 artists who have taken on a two-year commitment to make a common theme art quilt, with the one-word theme of each quilt determined by a different member every two months. The common threads will be the posted themes and the common size, 16" by 20".

Members of the group are:
Barb Gardner, Louisville, Colorado, at
Bea Bernasconi, Lugano, Switzerland
Betty Warner, Simsbury, CT at
Dale Anne Potter, Morse, SK., Canada at
Gwen Goepel, Emerald Isle, NC
Kathy Keating, Broomfield, Colorado at
Linda Zimmerman, Madison, Connecticut,
Marlis Egger, Pregassona, Switzerland at 
and blogging at
Susie Monday, Pipe Creek , Texas at and blogging at
Vivien Zepf, Thornwood, NY,
Phyllis Cullen, Northern California, USA,
Karen Loprete,

This site will be where we post the finished work, as well as links to our private blog sites where the work will also be featured in posts. We won't be sharing this work along the way, but only posting the finished pieces and a detail of each at the end, so this site will also serve as the "great reveal" for us and for others who follow our work!