Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Greetings from...MOTHERHOOD- the most JOYful trip ever..."

I knew as soon as I posted the word "JOY" that my quilt would include my children and this is what I recently came up with...I envisioned a postcard with the old timey banner "Greetings from..." I photo transfered some pictures of my boys and then I simply had to include as much color as possible as it is certainly another JOY of mine!
As this quilt progressed, I kept thinking of all the trips/places we as a family have traveled and now how the 3 of them are still traveling- constantly it seems, so I excessively "passport stamped" my finished piece of JOY!

"Greetings from MOTHERHOOD- the most JOYful trip ever..."


Hello! I had such fun creating my JOY peice! It was a JOY!!!! Please forgive me for only showing a portion as I want to enter it somewhere that only wants brand new works.
I used my usual array of fabrics along with cut up doilies that grandma made, beads and paint.
The whole idea behind this peice is that UUU! should feel JOY!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hope everyone is ready to see some JOY...Tried to experiment and send pic to this blog from verizon phone (avoiding the drive to library as no internet where i am...) but No luck 0:(Anyone know how i can do that??? (tried to send to quiltchallengesgroup2@ yahoo also but phone said it went thru but I did not receive it online! Did anyone receive my pic of my boys?!))