Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My solitude piece isn't done yet either but, taking Gwen's lead, here's a hint:  I'm using this photo as my inspiration / starting point.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hell-o ladies,
Since only one Solitude piece has been posted...I thought I would post a peek at my unquilted quilt and hopefully encourage everyone else to do the same!
(even if it's just a pile of fabric or materials!)
Happy June, Gwen

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The next word is ' CONTRAST'

An interesting word which can include so many scenarios and ideas. Let's do a horizontal orientation. It is due on August 1, 2011.


verb. con·trast·ed, con·trast·ing, con·trasts
To set in opposition in order to show or emphasize differences: an essay that contrasts city and country life; contrasted this computer with inferior models.
1. To show differences when compared: siblings who contrast sharply in interests and abilities; a color that contrasted clearly with the dark background.
a. The act of contrasting; a setting off of dissimilar entities or objects.
b. The state of being contrasted: red berries standing in vivid contrast against the snow.
2. A difference, especially a strong dissimilarity, between entities or objects compared: the contrast between Northern and Southern speech patterns.
3. One thing that is strikingly dissimilar to another: My new school was a welcome contrast to the one before.
4. The use of opposing elements, such as colors, forms, or lines, in proximity to produce an intensified effect in a work of art.
5. The difference in brightness between the light and dark areas of a picture, such as a photograph or video image.


Honesty being the best policy...I am not done...close, but not done, to my own disappointment.
We also had a June 1st new house inspection deadline and the 10 days of downpours really put a damper on our progress so finally amongst the upper 90 degree temperatures here lately the roof went on and we were approved to continue!
But my piece is called " This Journey is just Beginning"...the empty nest, the beauty all around me with a new mountain home, small and Not For Sale-a big change of pace after 38 years of major activity.
I have tried, unsuccessfully to download a picture of my Solitude piece on my iPad but will as soon as I have access to another computer!

Solitary Walk

This represents the solitary paths taken when one walks alone in the woods.  The background of this piece was dyed by me and then the trees were screen printed. It was fun to do.