Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Colleagues on Fiberactions

Anyone interested in following the other quilt challenge that started in November, here's their blog site, http://fiberactions.blogspot.com/.

13 Fiber Artists from all over the globe who have come together to explore the challenge of creating quilts based on a theme. Every two months we each create a new quilt measuring 16"x20" based on a theme chosen by one of us. (Ed. note: Their first theme is initiative.

Judy Alexander
Mandi Ballard
Sue Bleiweiss
Vivika DeNegre
Meg Fowler
Deb Hardman
Sandy Jandik
Deb Levy
Connie Rose
Kathy Sperino
Terri Stegmiller
Vicki Welsh
Diane Wright

I like their idea of having a blog roll for "Friends of ...", and plan to start one for us, as well. If any of the contributors would like links to related organizations, challenges or other related groups (rather than individuals, I think) please leave a comment with the url and I will add it to the list!

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