Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Subway Wall Mosaics

Here are two mosaics from the wall of the New York City subway stop at the American Museum of Natural History. I always wonder why the artist put a red question mark in the design. Do you put any distinguishing mark in your art that only you know the relevance of? That leaves the viewer guessing?


  1. Hi Dale Anne -- Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. Good luck. What a cool way to adorn those plain, ugly walls, now? I'm going now to check the rest of your interesting blog and learn about your art.

  2. I do hav e some usual marks: my handprint (in larger work only), a little wheel shape that reminds me of the Tao verse that" even 30 spokes have an empty hub," and spiral marks, if not as design elements, then as stitched marks in the quilting. I think the spiral is a universal symbol for the journey of life and consciousness.

  3. These mosaics are stunning - almost too good for a subway wall, but it's great that so many people get to see them. I suppose the question mark is another type of signature. I usually forget to sign my work but then I'm only an amateur.