Monday, January 18, 2010

Deadline Approaching! Sewing Fingers!

My question: When working on small scale work like these challenge quilts, how much detail do you like to see. I usually work much larger, and I find that the scale is so important to the final piece. I am doing a lot more stitching than I usually do, enjoying it, but also having trouble deciding how much is too much? In general, I am not a glitz and glitter fan, at least in my own work, though I do love the textural quality of hand stitch. And stitching by hand has become one of my daily practices for a sane and happy life -- the meditative quality is important to me.

Never-the-less, when do you know when it's done. With a large piece of work, I can pin it up on the wall and step back and know. With a small piece, it seems to need closer viewing, so the overall composition, while important, seems to take second place to the surface interest, the stitch, the play of intricacy of the fabrics, the thread, the paint, the quilting.

Your thoughts?


  1. Hi Susie,
    I'd say it's done when your heart says so, especially for those of us quilting for sanity!
    And my opinion is that even a small quilt should entice the viewer from a distance (due to uniqueness? color? design? subject?...), yet in addition draw them in for some close up attention to detail (technique? thread?etc...)...just like a large quilt ahould!