Monday, February 1, 2010

Breaking Down Barriers...

When I first read about our first challenge is “WALLS”….The first thoughts came as the barriers I struggled with all my life:

Can’t do this or that, Don’t do this or that, no encouragement, to name a few……

The past couple of years, I have started focusing on the POSITIVE things in my life:
being ALIVE,
juried into shows & exhibits,
making ART nearly everyday
"Breaking Down Barriers" is the result of my thoughts of a stone wall, that had eroded in spots, revealing parts of the some of negative words, but the main focus is the POSITIVE words that are revealing themselves from the stones.
I used a tea-dyed muslin as the base for writing the words on, laid a grey painted tyvek envelope on top, then added a layer of painted grey interfacing (could be a Lutradur but the bolt was a clearance item at WalMart with a tag Unknown Content) and once pinned I took it to my sewing machine to free motion the layers of stones. I then took a heat gun to the front, the tyvek melted alittle too much to my liking but I worked with it. I coated the words with a clear varnish and hand stitched the words in place randomly. I also used a brown paint stik to rub on the stitching between the stones. I had started stitching moss or weeds between the stones but, took them out - didn’t like it.
CLOSE- UP shows my word for 2010: ACTION.


  1. That is so realistic looking - great job my friend!

  2. Fabulous art Dale. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this art quilt. Through it's creation I am certain you have put even more thought into the barriers you have faced AND more importantly all the very positive action(s) you have taken to deal with them.

  3. The was is wonderful and words, quite poignant!