Monday, February 1, 2010

Fantasea Walls

My husband has asked me numerous times these last few months of heartbreak with my mother's "condition" to stop hitting my head against the wall and find peace. I have never been so sad nor creatively blocked in my life.
So I imagined a beautiful and colorful fantasy wall and getting past it to some of the things that have always made me happy... The stone/rock wall reminds me of our visits to the beaches of California where we now have 2 sons in college. And the overall optimism I see in the quilt reminds me of our third son's ability to always make me feel great!

Materials used: Commercial and Batik fabrics, cotton and rayon threads, cotton batting, embellishments and Alchemy textile paint.

Machine embroidered and machine quilted.

I was pleased with a new facing method but not with the overall composition.

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