Friday, March 26, 2010

Music is in the air!

Hope every one is ready with "MUSIC." It took me until this week to figure this one out. I am probably the least musical, least auditory person in the world. It is just not my "channel,"  I fear! But I kept it in the back of my mind and did some work from the word itself, hope that isn't cheating. Then it became, dare I say it, an almost jazzy composition. That's the design wall in process above.

I am optimistic that everyone, no matter how tough its been, will have a new piece for the blog on  April 1. And, we'll have a new theme from the next contributor!

And I think, with a little clearer schedule than I've had the last two months, that I can set up a GALLERY showing of the work so far, I think that would make it easier to see the art than the current blog. I'll keep you all informed how that goes!

Also, I had a computer meltdown about  a month ago. I think there were some requests for me to make some link changes, but I have lost those. Please resend to me via email. thanks.

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