Friday, April 2, 2010

Lady Bug Tracks

We've experienced devastating weather in the Northeast these last two months. So much of what we heard was the crack and crash of falling trees and limbs, the howl of the wind, and the harsh pound of rain pelleting down. Mother Nature was overpowering and overwhelming. Two weeks ago, however, the weather turned. We heard gentle breezes, bird song and the whir from wings of newly hatched lady bugs. It was all music to my ears. Eureka! This is what I wanted to represent on my piece. The many lady bugs who hitched a ride on my piece as I quilted it inspired both the final look of the piece and its name. I celebrate the music of spring.

This piece is a hand-painted cloth, quilted with rayon and metallic thread and embroidered.


  1. I am loving those dancing black lines.

  2. I love the cloth, hand painted one of a kind cloth always makes a statement, and this one a memory as well, really nice.