Tuesday, April 20, 2010

O Canada!!!

When this "MUSIC" challenge was first posted, I thought of how to make music visual....then the Olympics happened and for the first time in my life, I saw how Canadians were LOUD & PROUD with our anthem.
So, here is my take on the music theme - I call it "O Canada!"
The white background is monoprinted (THANKS Melanie Testa for the challenge), I reverse appliqued the large maple leafs and then stamped the smaller ones with a stamp I cut out of sticky back foam. I wrote some of the words of our anthem all over, quilted a heart around (not sure I'm liking that part though). I laid the red chiffon over the whole piece, then stitched around the title - I printed off the letters on the computer and put them on tracing paper to sew around them. The music has stitched lines but hand painted notes. I used two different colours of red to quilt but I am still thinking of adding another one.....its been on my design wall talking really loud! So, before the facing is done more will be done I think.
THANK YOU for being patient with me. Some detail shots on MY BLOG.


  1. That is very inspirational Dale Anne, awesome piece.

  2. When I watched the Olympics and saw how EVERYONE in the audience sang out and knew ALL the words when the Canadian anthem was sung, I was so impressed and so wishing that the US had an anthem that was more singable. I think you have done a great job on this little quilt and have done your country proud. A gold medal to you!!