Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons: SPRING

When Phyllis announced the new theme MUSIC in February, it was terribly cold and we had snow here. I was longing so much for spring. So, when I have been thinking of MUSIC, my very first thought was The Four Seasons by Vivaldi - and of course the spring theme. Vivaldi is one of my favorite classical music composers. If you are not familiar with The Four Seasons and would like to listen, pop over to my blog, I have posted a short video.

I put the CD in my player and started pulling out my hand dyed fabrics – the colors which reminded me of spring. I printed sheet music and a poem** (see below) on fabric, pieced and quilted by machine and added some machine writing and beads.

In the meantime, spring has been here for a while … but it is cold and wet and grey again. The quilt is now on my design wall and it makes me happy every time I enter my studio.

It’s my term to choose the new theme: TIME (in a horizontal orientation). Nobody has enough time, everybody is in a hurry, managing our time is really hard. I guess, everybody has to tell a story…

** When Vivaldi's The Four Seasons was first published in Amsterdam in 1725, each of the concertos was prefaced by an Italian sonnet which acted as a "program" for the work following it. They may well have been written by Vivaldi himself.


  1. I love it, Marlis. And great new theme, as well!

  2. I love this piece. I love Vivaldi. I can see why it makes you happy hanging in your studio.

  3. Marlis, your piece looks great. So light, fresh and calm.
    It really seems, we have the same wish - warm days. I am sure, spring is coming soon.

  4. This is wonderful and evocative

  5. this really evokes the music of Vivaldi for me. And I love the time challenge!