Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meanings of Time

For this month's piece about Time I mulled over the different "attachments" people place onto time. The gears of time are always clicking away, any meaning we apply to that is purely our own invention. Are we psychic, or do we just so want to find deeper meanings in time?

The Mayan calendar "ends" in December 2012 and there is all sort of speculation that this means life as we know it is going to "end". The only thing we "know" about this date is that the Sun will be aligned with the Milky Way equator (something that only happens once every 26,000 years).

Many people around the world feel a compulsion to look at the clock - and the clock reads 11:11. They aren't looking for the time, they just feel an overwhelming need to look at the clock at that time. There are all sorts of books written about how these people are the "chosen ones to bring peace to our world" and how they are "light workers" or "angels". As one of those people who see 11:11 on the clock ALL the time, I have no idea what it means, but I'm all about bringing peace to our world!

12:34 is a very common number in numerology. The significance placed on this number is all about "progression". When you see this on the clock its supposedly a confirmation that the choices you're making at that time are the ones that will "move your forward". Getting confirmation that you're moving in the right direction is ALWAYS a great thing, whatever that source might be.

This piece was a total experiment. I took fabric that I didn't like that was in my stash, machine appliqued the gears, painted the numbers, stitched it in contrasting thread, then painted the entire piece with acrylic paint. For me, this piece was all about experimentation. I learned a lot, but it is definitely not a favorite (I prefer much brighter colors, but this piece and theme definitely called for a somber feel!)


  1. I find all you wrote about time very interesting...and I like your piece very much. I like the color of the gears and the contrasting color of the numbers. Well done I'd say!

  2. see, did you notice this got posted at 11:11? See, the world is weird! I didn't even plan that! Maybe I should re-read the Celestine Prophesy again. :-)