Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit (time flies) is certainly the appropriate comment on my life. It most certainly flies when I am having fun, but it flies away before I have time to do the endless list of other stuff too!
This piece started with a a piece of fabric painted with thickened dyes. It was cut up, painted, stamped, g;ittered,  and appliqued on. Then I put it on my new longarm quilting machine (it looked a little lost there) and practiced quilting. I drew Father Time on a piece of paper and taped it beside my quilt, then used the laser pointer on the machine to follow the lines to quilt him in
Naturally, since time flies, it only got done late last night, so here it is


  1. Your lazer pointer intriques me. Does the machine then do the drawing for you? Or is it done free hand?
    The red here seems to be blood-like/life to me...and so Father Time coming in in green has an eerie effect. Very unsettling. Not sure if that is what you wanted to happen, but just my reaction to it. Very interesting.

  2. LOVE the stitched Father Time! GREAT JOB Phyllis!!!