Monday, February 1, 2010

Graffiti Wall

I live in a shoreline town in Connecticut. There are many homes along the beach behind either walls or fences. Many homes have sea walls as well, which can only be seen when walking on the beach. All the walls and fences are a variation of white. Only when children find charcoal on the beach and draw on the walls is there any decoration or color of any kind on these walls. I painted these fabrics about four months ago came across them while looking for fabric for the wall piece and thought what would all those white walls in this small town look like with graffiti? I combined different aspects of the walls and fences, added some beach roses and rocks on the wall (to keep people off) and created graffiti.


  1. I love the layered surface you have created and how there is a secondary design that happens.

  2. Linda, this looks BEACHY for sure! We are in the dead of winter, so seeing this made my day and I especially LOVE the little squares you used for the flowers.
    GREAT JOB!!!