Monday, February 1, 2010

Walled City

It's been a crazy two months, with medical matters, a huge amount of travel, volunteer work, galleries, shows, you name it. The travels always give me the chance to look at buildings and I finally chose to make another city with my favorite kind of bright cheerful walls, where exploring the stairways and arches and windows seems very inviting. Some fabric, metallic paint, a little thread and another of my series of walled cities is born.
I do promise to try something new for next time. and since I get to pick the topic, let's do: music. We'll make them in a vertical orientation this time. I'm not going to narrow this down, but every piece is going to be inspired by, and make the viewer think of, some sort of music, broadly conceived, could be the music of the mind, music of the soul, happy thoughts that are music to your ears, or inspired by a piece of your favorite opera, rock song, , group, band, symphony, you name it.
The first group of pieces show the great talent out there- let's roll!
See you in two months


  1. What FABULOUS colours!!!

    And GREAT choice for the next challenge....MUSIC!!!

  2. This is beautiful, Phyllis. Speaking of music, this sings.

  3. Great color choices, this is really dynamic